Spacetrippin' - All-Over Print Unisex T-Shirt

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This epic psychedelic design pays homage to the two theories; the first that fungal spores may have arrived on Earth from outer space through Panspermia. Panspermia is the name for the theory that life exists and is distributed throughout the universe in the form of germs or spores.

According to mycological (the scientific study of fungi) legend, millions or even billions of years ago, dormant mushroom spores from distant planets were carried by cosmic winds or meteors into the Earth’s atmosphere. The spores  subsequently deposited themselves upon the land and waterways.

As primitive bacterial and algae lifeforms developed, multiplied, and moved upon the land, their carbon and silicon wastes eventually formed a soil substrate that allowed the mushroom spores to leave their dormant state and “sprout” into mycelium-developing mushroom organisms whose preliminary evolutionary goal was to establish an ecosystem of multi-celled organisms.

The second theory proposed by the outstanding ethnobotanist, philosopher, lecturer and author Terence McKenna. McKenna focused on the nature of consciousness and its relationship with psychedelic drugs. One of his longstanding theories about the nature of conscious evolution was that primitive man encountered psychedelic mushrooms, and it was the incorporation of psychedelics into the primitive diet that prompted self-realization and language to come into existence.

Archaeological evidence suggests psilocybin-containing (psychedelic) mushrooms have been used by humans since prehistoric times. They are depicted in Stone Age rock art in Europe and Africa, and have a history of use in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Many cultures have used these mushrooms in their religious rites and healing ceremonies.

Western psychology has recently produced remarkable, long-lasting beneficial results from treating people suffering from depression and terminal cancer victims with a single dose of psilocybin.

Could we stand at the dawn of human space exploration due to the mind expanding consequences thousands of years of ritual consumption of extraterrestrial psychedelic fungi? Who would have thought?

For more amazing information about how fungi can be used to cure cancer, decontaminate oil and radiation environmental contamination, produce biofuels, and eliminate any insect infestation naturally; watch on youtube or read anything by (the very inspiring) Dr Paul Stamets; the world’s leading mycologist.

The print in the background and on the back of the shirt is of the millions of galaxies in the cosmic beauty of deep space.

The back also features a large psychedelic version of our extruded neo-gothic Defy logo.  Cool and the Gang!

As the designs are sublimation inked right into the fabric, this is a very comfortable and lightweight 100% polyester crew neck t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn. It's made and printed in the USA.

• Available in sizes XS-2XL
• 100% polyester construction
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free
• Unisex fit
• Light, soft material

Please note: Due to the significant challenges of trying to make a t-shirt completely flat for  the all-over sublimation print technique used to produce this great shirt, it's almost impossible no avoid minor creasing at the sleeve seams. This is normal and can result in a couple of creases not being printed and therefore remaining the original white of the shirt. This is generally very minor and does not significantly detract from the over all print.

Imperial size guide

Chest (inches) 32 1/4 36 1/4 40 1/8 42 ½ 49 52
Length HSP* (inches) 27 1/2 27 7/8 29 30 ¾ 31 3/8 33

All measurements are in inches. Margin of error +/- 1 in.

Metric size guide

Chest (cm) 81 91 102 108 124 132
Length HSP* (cm) 69 69 74 78 79 84

All measurements are in centimeters. Margin of error +/- 3cm.

HSP*: Measurement from the highest shoulder point (HSP) at top of the shoulder seam by

neckband down to the bottom hem.