About Us

Defy Clothing Co embraces courage, curiosity, determination, outrage, hope, humor and a commitment to a better world of universal freedom, peace, equality, tolerance, understanding and environmental sustainability.

We create provocative, thought provoking designs, printed on quality garments.  Our online store was launched in 2017, after many years of creating t-shirt designs for our friends and ourselves. 

Our shirts are proudly American made in Los Angeles, California.  You can purchase our garments secure in the knowledge that is wasn’t made by a child slave in a sweatshop of a developing country.

Our clothing products are printed and shipped to you from Los Angeles, California.


We all stand at a crossroads in history, where we are sliding into a system of global totalitarianism, surveillance and subjugation, also at a time when the many Earth's ecosystems are collapsing.  We have triggered the Earth's 6th mass-extinction event, which may realistically also bring about the extinction of our species.

However, this disastrous future is also contrasted by a worldwide growth in understanding of our dire situation and a burgeoning political, spiritual and consciousness awakening.

We live in a time of gross corruption and illegality by the hugely powerful multinational corporations and ruling elite.

The elite, bankers, multinational corporations and their lapdog mainstream media successfully keep the majority distracted with the modern equivalent of Roman bread and circuses. They utilise a very successful divide & conquer strategy, to ensure the attribution of responsibility for the disgraceful tragedy and brutality of our modern world is not attributable to them, or their agenda of extract profits at any cost, at the expense of the majority and our global environment.

It takes courage to look unflinching at the true reality of our world, beyond the sanitised and trivial fiction of the news and popular culture. It takes even more courage to alert people we know to this reality, especially when the truth is abhorrent and so far from what we are conditioned to believe is the truth.  So many either are completely ignorant of what is occurring, fully immersed in the irrelevant diversion of pop culture, don't want to know, or so conditioned to believe that everything is fine, that any suggestion otherwise is considered a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.  But this is the only option we have to defeat those who seek to dominate us to our dire peril.

Our silence only helps further the nefarious goals of those who seek to dominate our lives, but exposing these elite agendas for our future is the answer to awaken the understanding of the world's 99%.

Yet the majority of people are unfortunately oblivious and hostile to any viewpoint that contradicts that fed to them by the mainstream media.

This quote by Terence McKenna sums up the challenges of facing the reality of our world:

“The cost of sanity in this society, is a certain level of alienation”

As you are here reading this, you will probably agree.

We have little interest in the charade Left/Right paradigm of traditional politics, as frequently the same neo-liberal globalist agendas will be pursued regardless of the party and politicians elected.

We are much more concerned with fundamental questions, such as:

Will these policies make me more, or less free?

Will these policies benefit the majority, or the few?

Will these policies make help to make a better world, now and for future generations?

Will these policies protect, or harm the environment?

We believe that viewing issues through these fundamental questions as a filter, we quickly sidestep the charade of party politics.

We seek to be the change we want to see in the world and inspire others to do the same.

We will raise awareness of important issues, promote and donate to organisations who exist to address and improve these issues. I doing so we intend to make to world a better place, one T-shirt at a time.

Defy Clothing Co produces thought provoking, challenging, conversation inducing, humorous, blatant, or ambiguous designs to stimulate discussion regarding the design's subject intent and the wider issue it references. 

We hope you like them...